Friday, February 11, 2011

psalm 23 a friend's interpretation

“i am going to live in the house of the Lord forever! that’s a promise He made to me a long time ago. what a deal! and what’s more, His goodness and love will follow me as long as i live and even into eternity.

while on this earthly journey He has prepared a bountiful table laden with all good things. my enemies observed all this and marveled at His willingness to supply all my needs.

the cup of my life has spilled over many, many times, allowing God’s blessings to encompass others. the oil of the spirit is soothing and healing to all it touches.

the rod of his instruction and counsel has been my mainstay. goodness knows i’ve needed His loving discipline more than once.

what provides protection and stability any more than his staff? i can think of none. it has kept me steady on an unsteady pathway. i can only imagine the calamities and pitfalls i have been spared because of His love.
what a comfort to know that He is with me and i need not fear evil.

in the “valley of the shadow” He is there, guiding me. He’s been there too, you see, so He knows how to comfort when death comes to a saint. isn’t that a glorious thought!

oh the beauty of quiet waters --not rolling and billowing, but serene and peaceful. what a blessing as my soul is restored and strengthened. it is said a sheep will not drink of water that is angry and troubled. i’m one of His sheep and He knows how to take care of me.

green pastures that are lush with sweet grasses are provided for my nourishment and i can rest in this meadow as long as i like. thank you God for R & R.

i do not want for anything--oh, probably i think i really need something, but my wants are taken care of by His gracious hand. oh how he loves me. (& you)

what a shepherd! what a privilege to be called His sheep. the first three words of Psalm 23 says it all. the Lord is . . . “

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