Tuesday, February 9, 2010

i spilled the beans...

i almost missed it! and i actually have a good one to post this week, rach!

i made it rain yesterday in my office. I made it rain black beans.

So I went over to my friend, missy’s, desk to chat with her and my friend, isaac, (who sits next to her) for a bit yesterday morning. missy has this little flowerpot with ink pens that look like flowers on the tabletop above her desk. they look kind of like this:

super cute right?? see the coffee beans that hold the pens?? important info...keep that in mind...but substitute black beans for the coffee beans.

well, once in awhile (like at least once every day) i feel the need to use these pens as a microphone to enhance a point i’m making…because i’m just a little dramatic...just a little...sometimes...well, alright...all the time. :)

i think you may know where this is going…

i went to grab a pen and accidentally knocked the whole thing over…pens and beans and all. they RAINED down on missy, her desk, the computer, the floor. we all cracked up and i probably turned 14 shades of red. it was sooooo funny!!!! they were EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!! and i think everyone in my office heard it and came running to see what had happened. i’m still cracking up.

what an idiot!!

ps. i did help clean it up. just so you all know. and now when i walk by the desk, isaac quietly moves the pens just out of my reach.

party pooper!!!!!