Sunday, February 14, 2010

celebrate renee day :)

today is my birthday.

yes. i was actually born on valentine's day. :)

i am 29. for real. :) next year i might be 29 not for real, but we'll see. hehe!!!

such a good weekend! i had class, so i spent the weekend at my parents' house...since they live closer to school. had a great dinner friday's homemade pan fried chicken...there is truly nothing better!!!! then pizza (if you've never had casey's pizza YOU MUST!!!) and a movie saturday night. got out of class early this morning, so i got in a nap and had some more qt with the m&d...then braved the snowy nastiness back home to stl. then, had dinner at spac fac with some equally brave buddies! :) like i said...good weekend!!!!!!!!

29 is gonna be awesome! i just know it! :)