Friday, February 5, 2010

an update and some other stuff...

lots of votes came in for my stethoscope color. thanks for the comments everyone! you've helped a lot! :)

i actually sent an email out to some of my friends and coworkers as well. here are my three favorite responses...

julie: i choose orange! and this is combines the energy of red and the happiness of yellow (you will need lots of both). it is associated with joy (which you bring to many), sunshine (you are MY sunshine), and the tropics (we LOVE the tropics). orange represents enthusiasm, fascination, happiness, creativity, determination, attraction, success, encouragement, and stimulation. that's why i choose orange!

debbie(my boss): this is a very hard decision :) it depends on what color your scrubs will be (is that the right term?). i would say cobalt blue, purple, royal blue or raspberry. now, the reason i can’t narrow it down is this: if your scrubs are light blue, royal blue would be pretty. if you’re going to have pink scrubs, raspberry (or even red) would be nice. if you’re working with kids, brighter is better. plus, you want yours to be different so in case someone mistakenly picks it up (nice way to say it, huh?), you’ll KNOW it’s yours.
i’m absolutely NO help at all, but i feel very, very honored to be a part of the process :) oh, and plum would also be very nice! – actually, it would go with ANYTHING! do you happen to know how absolutely precious you are? well, yes, yes you are.

mom(CRACKED me up!): i am thinking some shade of blue. you will tire of the bolder colors and you may feel out of style in the future if style colors change. the blue will go with many colors you already have in your wardrobe and won’t clash as much as a burgundy or orange might clash. i kind of like the ocean blue because i like the ocean, but the ceil blue is also nice. BUT now i must think about the daughter. your new favorite color is purple so plum or lilac might be the color you are leaning toward so if i chose plum or lilac i might get the extra points and i’m all about extra credit. but if you want to go ahead and become a doctor you might want to get the black because that would definitely look doctorish. i don’t really like the gray because it is too sad of a color and i wouldn’t want any nurse coming at me with that color hanging around her neck. now let’s take into consideration raspberry. you have a friend that was a raspberry before she was married but now her name is changed so you probably wouldn’t want raspberry because you would have to change the name to richman and i don’t think richman is even a color. let’s look at hunter green. shades of green are my favorites but you are definitely not me and you have different thoughts and emotions…as well as shoe sizes…but i don’t think shoe size is part of the question. OK, on to the shades of red which also would take in the peach color. you are definitely not a pink kind of girl, although you have recently changed into more of a girl than in the more recent past so you might consider a red or peach but i kind of doubt it. red is the color of blood and i don’t think that is the best choice because if someone splattered all over you then you would never know if your scope was clean or not so i would say definitely not red. as you can see, i have spoken about each color and have not made a definite answer to you so ……… many points do i get? and what do i win? and how will you ship my prize? and can i get the prize in any of my favorite colors?

sooooo...i bet you're all waiting with baited breath to hear what color i decided on. i gave no clues as to which direction i was leaning. i didn't want to bias anyone's decision. :) well...i haven't made the final decision. oops! more waiting for you! eh, it just keeps you coming back for more! haha!

i will say that i have narrowed the choices down to 2. drumroll please......

orange and plum!

so those of you who picked those get double points! like they say on who's line is it anyway...the points mean sorry bout that. anyways...

i love the idea of having a bright, cheery, DIFFERENT scope. i've never had a nurse with an orange one...and that's saying something coming from the girl who has practically grown up in hospitals. but...this winter i've really become partial to the color plum. i've actually given serious thought to redoing my bathroom in plum and chocolate...will let you know if that happens...but i digress...for now, i haven't decided between orange or plum. my next move will be to actually go shopping and make the final decision when i've seen them in person. i'll keep you posted!!!

in other news, school is going well this semester. i've been a little stressy this week...we've missed several classes (6!) because of snow already and i've been overwhelmed with the pace my instructor has set trying to catch up. ugh. however, i got a 90% on last night's fundamentals test. only missed 4 questions. and one of them was a question i had the right answer the first time but then changed it. i SO know better than that! gah!!!

that's about it for me right now! this post is getting really long, so i'll leave you with one last thing...because who doesn't love calvin and hobbes??? :)