Wednesday, February 17, 2010


i was shocked and flattered to find that my little blog has been given an award by my not in real life friend jenny. {however, jenny, if we ever wanted to be in real life friends i would SO not object :) } i'd like to thank all of the little people who helped me to achieve such a prestigious award!!!...wait...i'm the only writer...guess that makes me the only little person around. :p anyways... jenny, your pics and stories never fail to make my heart smile and your continually encouraging comments are so appreciated! thanks for thinking of me in giving this award!!!!!

per the rules of winning the award, i'd like to
pass this award on! the rules are simple:

1. thank the person who nominated you for
this award and insert a link to their blog. (check)

2. copy and paste the award into your blog (check)

3. share 7 things about yourself. (see below)

4. pass on the award to about 10 other
bloggers who you recently discovered and
think are great! (in no particular order) (see below)

so, 7 things...should these be 7 things nobody knows about? or just 7 random things?? guess i'll just wing it...
  • i am really little. at 5'2", there isn't a short joke that i haven't endured. it used to kind of bug me, but i like it now. being little helps you fit in small places when climbing skills are pretty dang awesome...and we all know the saying "good things come in small packages" we've got exhibit A right here folks *i'm pointing to myself* ;)
  • i am extremely quiet and shy until you get to know me. (bane of my existence!!! ugh!)
  • strangely enough...public speaking doesn't bother me at all. in fact, i really enjoy it. (i'm such an oxymoron! or maybe i'm just a moron! who knows?!)
  • i don't like blue food. blue candy, blue drinks...i get asked about blueberries...they are more purpleish than blue so i can handle them. i don't know what it is. blue food just grosses me out.
  • i am one of the many millions of people addicted to LOST. (and all i can say is that this season BETTER ANSWER MY QUESTIONS OR WE ARE GOING TO HAVE PROBLEMS!!!!!!!!!!)
  • even though i'm 29, i still check the closet before i go to bed...and i lock my bedroom door at night.
  • i have a small tiny miniscule dream of becoming a doctor someday. small. tiny. miniscule. probably never would pursue something that crazy big...but it kind of sticks in the back of my know...right there in the back...behind all the other junk that's crammed in be continued... the rule was pick ABOUT 10 people to give this award to...

my choices...
the envelope please...

there are 5...

and last but not least...

whew! that was a long one! time to get back to my studying! thanks again, jenny! this was fun!