Sunday, February 21, 2010

it's a woman's prerogative...

to change her mind...

well, it's on stethescope. :) i drove to scrubs and beyond this afternoon with 2 colors in and plum. but i just couldn't decide. would i really like the orange one after i spent the money? would i wish i had bought the plum? or what if i bought the plum and regretted it later? i just couldn't decide.

when i got to the store they only had a few colors in stock...neither plum nor orange was available. either way i'd have to order it. well...half of the decision was taken out of my hands immediately when we realized that the scope i had decided on didn't come in plum...but the orange was WAY too neon.

so back to the drawing board.

we looked at several different colors and finally one of them felt right.

a relaxing color. a cool color. the color of a favorite place...the ocean.

littman classic II se in caribbean blue.

i think i made a good decision. :)