Tuesday, November 17, 2009

true story tuesday

i'm joining my friend rachel this morning for true story tuesday. this happened to me a few years ago, but it still cracks me up. and yes. these things happen to me often. :/

--"dude, i just totally fell"--
so the story begins when i took a leisurely walk across the street to the business center of my apt. complex to check my email. perfectly innocent endeavor. little did i know that in a few minutes, my life would be flashing before my eyes and i would come up spitting grass, dirt and blood.
i was finished with my emailing, so i got up, grabbed my keys and my cell phone and walked out the back door of the building. side note here...i was wearing NEW flip flops. i hate new flip flops. they don't bend until you've worn them about 25 times. another side note...the sidewalk around the leasing office is really uneven. almost like walking steps.
well, we all know what's coming. yes, i tripped on the uneven sidewalk. me and my stupid unbendy new flip flops. i tried to catch myself with my other foot, but the unweilding shoe skidded across the concrete. the line from the movie cutting edge flashed through my mind "TOE-PICK!!!" and i crashed and burned. actually it was more like i dove headfirst into the concrete. luckily, only my knees and hands hit the concrete...my face landed in the yard.
i came up spitting grass and dirt, wondering how in the world i got there. and to my dismay, i saw two indian men that live in my complex walking toward me. "are you ok?" they asked. "we help you up?" "get you some water?" i was MORTIFIED. i kid you not...these were the first words out of my mouth..."actually, i'm really embarrassed right now and i'm not sure i want to get up yet. could you give me just a second?" so i just laid there. facedown in the dirt...
after a few seconds, the two good samaritans helped me up, picked up my glasses, keys and cell phone and watched as i limped slowly back to my apartment. probably to make sure that i didn't do any more eval kenival daredevil moves.
if it wasn't official before, it is now...i am a big dork.
approximate damage: no more skin on my right knee, bruises under the wound. bruises and what looked like rug burn on my left knee. scrapes and a bruise on my right palm. very sore nose and shiner under my right eye (covered easily by makeup). scrapes on my right cheek (again...covered easily by makeup), scraped up under my nose in two places. (not covered easily by makeup)...luckily the swelling in my mouth eased. all in all, i survived. it could have been a lot worse.