Monday, November 16, 2009

not me monday time...

i'm joining mckmama this week in not me monday. sometimes ya just gotta confess.
in keeping with the laundry theme, i did not walk outside this morning without socks just shoes. realizing it was cold and rainy, i also did not scrounge around the floorboard of my car and find a pair of dirty black socks and put them on. i mean, WHO DOES THAT?!?!
i also would never let my trash fill to overflowing just because i don't want to take it out. i love to take out the trash! the dumpster is NOT taller than me and i most certainly NEVER have trouble hoisting the bag up over the top either.
i did not get super excited yesterday after i found a new favorite study spot. i also did not spend 4 HOURS studying nutrition while drinking my venti super sugary, totally fatty chai latte. i'm not that much of a dork...and i would never put something that unhealthy in my body!
what have you not done this week??