Sunday, June 21, 2009

one hot, hot day!!!

i was asked to photograph the 12th annual independence center golf tournament yesterday.  what a great day and a great cause!!!  and bonus...erin was volunteering, and shaun and adam were participating, so we got to spend the day together.  fun times!  here are a few highlights from the day.  the weather was, of course, true to form for st. louis with heat and humidity levels sky high.  we were all a gross sweaty mess, but it was totally worth it.  

there was a large number of teams participating and i couldn't resist this shot of some of the golf bags lined up and ready to go.

erin and them!!!

adam and erin...the two best friends a girl could have. :)

putting contest

part of the course where i was stationed for group photos of the teams

what a great looking team!  

shaun and adam...great form, boys!

their team one first place in B flight.  very impressive, guys.  i was proud :)

all in all, it was great day!  it seemed like the participants had a great time...despite the heat!  
sweaty and disgusting, the four of us finished off the day with shaved ice and then joined some more buddies for a few more episodes of LOST.  what a perfect end!!  :)


Lyryn said...

Very nice!

Erin said...

my husband looks like he has huge calves...renee was that some kind of photographer magic? adam has chicken legs :)

renee said...

lol!!! aww...poor adam!! :) said...

What a fun, and the photos came out great! Nice of you to share your talent :)

Oh, to function in the heat and humidity...yuck!

Keeping you in prayer my friend.


Ryanne said...

Renee, these look amazing - can't wait to see all of them! Thank youso much for sharing your amazing gift with us!

Adam said...

Not all of us can have rockin' calves like Shaun and Marshall Erikson...