Sunday, June 21, 2009

happy father's day, dad!!!!!!

i have the best dad in the whole world!  i always say that my mom is my best friend, but i'm daddy's girl.  he's never without a smile, his john deere hat, or a toothpick, and he gives GREAT hugs!!

he likes to spend time with his "little buddy" as he calls me.  and the feeling is pretty stinkin' mutual.

this is dad on our trip to alabama in march.  he was so excited to see the planes, battleship and submarine.  i was really glad we got to go.

dad's usually so calm that mom and i joke he's about 2 inches from a coma...but he comes out of his shell once in awhile.  you should see him dance...haha!

he loves to teach me awesome things!!!

we need to do this again soon, dad!
relaxing on the couch with ol' booger.  she can't be too far from either of us.  :)

my dad is such an example to me of what a godly man should be.  he works hard and takes care of his family, spends time with us, loves on us, and protects us...and makes sure mom and i don't get too rowdy.  "settle down, girls, before someone gets hurt."  ;)  

he's just the best.

I LOVE YOU SOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!  happy father's day!!!!!  see you in a few hours!


Casey said...

How sweet!

Enjoy your day with him!

Emma said...

That's beautiful!! :) said...

Love this tribute to your daddy!

God blessed you with an awesome man for a dad and gave you a high standard for the man you will marry one day.

God is good!