Monday, June 22, 2009

my mibster, caleb...

this pic was taken several years ago, but it's one of my favorites.  this is caleb.  born the week of my high school graduation, he's been my pal ever since.  more like my nephew than my cousin because of the closeness in age of my aunt and myself, caleb is one of the bright spots in my life.  he's not so little anymore...sad.  10 years old.  geez!  and he's doing some pretty cool stuff.  
the 86th annual marbles tourney is going on in jersey shore and he's a part of it.  actually he's a big part right now.  donna (my aunt) called earlier to inform us that he's in THIRD PLACE!!!!!!!  i'm so excited and proud of him!!!!!!  

click here to read an article about the on the video posted there while you're at it.  he's on there.  :)  he's the little blonde boy with a blue visor that runs across one of the playing areas...close to the beginning...yeah, confusing i know.  just trust me.  it's him.  :)

congrats caleb!!!!!!!!!  play hard and play well!!!!!  

i love you lots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Emily said...

How exciting!!!