Tuesday, June 23, 2009

update on caleb...

here is an exerpt from an email i just got from my mom...

"at the end of today caleb is in 5th place. if he is in the top 8 by tomorrow evening, he will play in the championships on thursday. at that point everything starts over in ranking. the marble association gave donna and willie 6 tickets to the nearby carnival rides which would have cost them about $200 if they purchased them. they were able to spend the afternoon there and will go back and play at the carnival tonight. donna sounds very proud of caleb and so are we."

way to go, bud! keep it up!

here is another link to a video...

caleb was also apparently interviewed by someone from the wall street journal...i'll post the article when i get access.


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wife.mom.nurse said...

how exciting and he can say he was on TV ( i saw him scurry by in the blue visor...cool)

It would be awesome to win the scholarship $, but just the life's experience is invaluable.