Tuesday, May 19, 2009

well...here's the story...

after an ileoscopy today, i officially have some crohn's activity going on.  not sure what direction my doctor is going to choose for treatment yet.  he said he wanted to think about it...i am so thankful for a doctor like him!!!  right now i'm on flagyl (an antibiotic) and a small dose of prednisone.  not so much happy about being on prednisone again, but hopefully it will be just a short time.  dr. f is thinking about starting remicade again...or possibly humira.  remember my previous experience with humira???  yeah...so funny!!!! i've been on both, so i know what to expect.  i haven't had any pain at all so that's been good.  i'm trying to keep a good attitude, but it's still not my favorite thing to be in this situation again.

even sadder news...i had a trip to chicago planned this weekend.  :(  it's not looking promising that i'm going to get to go.  dr. f's words not mine.  many tears were shed over this today.  funny...i think i'm more disappointed about not getting to go than the news that crohn's is back.  how weird and backward am i?!?!

i have to hang out here for a few more days while things get straightened out.  :(  but i was moved to a private room in the palace's heart hospital.  NICE!  don't worry though...nothing wrong with my heart.  hypokalemia (low potassium) can be trouble for heart rhythms so i'm just here to be monitored.  

i guess that's it for now.  more as i am informed.  

God is still good...i'm not forgetting.


wife.mom.nurse said...

Glad you have a private room.

so sorry about the missed trip.



Ryan and Lori said...

I'm praying for you Renee! I hope you get to go home soon. Keep us posted on your progress!