Wednesday, May 20, 2009


today started out rough.  i woke up at 5 to vitals and a blood draw and didn't go back to sleep.  i was pretty down.  spent the morning about 2 inches from tears.  

dr. f came in the early afternoon.  he's decided that remicade is the treatment for now.  had a dose today.  will have another in two weeks, another in four, then have another ileoscopy to see how things are going.  i love the fact that i have an awesome doctor who really thinks about what is going on, then plans a course of action and takes care of things.  he says let's fix it.  it's great!  

so.  for now, that's the wise anyway.  i am maybe possibly going home tomorrow.  that's good news.  

even better news...i have a yellow light on chicago!!!  not quite a green light, but it's closer!  dr. f said "i'm a supporter of having fun and you need a break.  we'll TRY to see if we can make that happen."  i almost jumped off the bed and kissed him!!!!  haha.  so we'll see.  i'll update tomorrow on the final decision.  

things have been better since then.  i feel like decisions have been made and things are progressing to kick this deal really quickly.  

so there you go.  that's all for now!

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Queen Mommy said...

Hope you feel better and are able to get out of that hospital soon! My SIL had her colon replaced with an internal pouch when she was in her mid-20s. Gut issues are not fun at all. Take care, and good luck getting the green light for Chicago!