Sunday, January 18, 2009

chicago...the good, the bad, and the funny!

well, i've returned! somewhat chillier...a little sore...and pretty tired. it was a weekend of laughing, walking and eating. and it was FANTASTIC!!!!!!

with my new camera in hand (which btw i'm in love with), shaun, erin, adam, karen, and i started off to adam's friend (and now our friend) joe's house in our rented minivan...ready to tackle chicago!

we quickly found the temperatures dropping as we went further north...

yes, erin is scraping the INSIDE of the window...

minus 16!!! seriously!!!!!

the next morning, we got breakfast at dunkin donuts. can we say yum?!?! we're thinking of submitting these next few pics to them for a commercial. maybe they will hire us to take roadtrips and eat dunkin donuts. i can't think of anything better! :)

nom, nom, nom...

we parked the van and walked what seemed like miles because of the freezingness to shedd aquarium. we happened to be there on a free admission day...score! but we decided to pay to see the sharks. da dum...da dum...da dum... :)

the colors and the variety of animals and plants were just amazing! we were continually reminded what a creative God we have!!!

i'd never heard about or seen these guys. i don't even remember what they were, but they would just pop out of the sand at the bottom of the tank...

very interesting! and weird!

look at the colors on this little dude!

of course we saw some nemos and i had to get a shot! :)

this little guy was called a sea dragon. he just wouldn't sit still! i think i had to take 5 or 6 shots before i got this one.

this guy was my favorite. so beautiful!! he was called a leafy sea dragon.

this shot was outside of the shedd. such a good shot! thanks karen!

next we went to the field museum...where i think we had more fun acting like the exhibits than actually learning anything...hehe.

adam and shaun with the t-rex named sue...

erin showing the buffalo who's boss...

i may be little, but i'm scrappy... :)

and karen the octopus :)

shot out the car window...

the other side of the street...

later that night, joe joined us and we had dinner at lou malnati's.

and then something terrible happened...

my water broke!!!!! everyone thought that was super glass had cracks in it and leaked all over the table...sick joke...i know... :)

to top off the evening...chocolates from ethyl's

the next morning we rode the train downtown. great fun! except for the 15 minute wait outside because the train station building was locked.
adam was chivalrous and blocked the wind for us delicate creatures...i think that little old lady wanted to get in on that action...joe just shook his head. he's used to all this cold!!!!!!

we walked for miles and miles on saturday. it was a little warmer (18 rather than zero) and we did some shopping on michigan avenue. we split up for a time and the girls headed to millenium park. i had wanted to see the bean sculpture, but thought we wouldn't have time, so it was great surprise when karen said "it's right down the street there, let's go!"

my reflection... :)

this was supposed to be a shot of us girls...i mean, our shoes were sooo attractive. i wanted to make sure they were documented. :)

there! that's better!!!! aren't we cute?

we went to the john hancock building and had drinks at the signature room on the 95th
the view was incredible...but a little foggy...

later, we took 2 cabs to second city

here we are! being cute in the cab!

we saw the matinee show at second city and i don't think any of us stopped laughing the whole time!

after the show, we had dinner at corcoran's grill and pub in lincoln park

thanks to the waitress , kristin, for taking our photo!

we ordered a plate of mac and cheese and split it for an appetizer. was soooo good!!!!

poor adam had a migrane... :( but he ran down the street to the walgreens and picked up some excedrine and was soon feeling much better!

here's the girls outside of second city...

and the guys across the street at corcoran's...

i really don't know what shaun was doing because i was back inside the restaurant looking for my lens cap. i thought i lost it!!!!!!

yay!!!! i found it!!!!!

after taking a cab taxi back to union station, we boarded the train for the trip back to naperville...

shaun and erin showing their undying love and affection...

whoa!!! hey erin!!!! this blog is g rated!!!!!! come on!!!!

aww so cute!

and that's me. in all my attractiveness.

this morning, joe, our amazing host and chef made us waffles before we left. THANKS SOOO MUCH for your letting us crash at your place this weekend!!!!!!! you're the best!!!

what a great trip!!!! and what great friends!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks for hanging out with us! i hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!!!!


ellie said...

Hey Renee!
I just found your blog and I LOVE it! The one and only time that my friends and I journeyed to Chicago was in February! I learned a whole new meaning of COLD!
And I agree, that Sea Dragon is amazing.

Emily said...

Yay! I love the photo documentation of your trip. I'm glad you guys had fun and didn't freeze to death!

Cindi said...

Hey Renee,

Adam sent me your blog. Your pictures are supberb; nice camera. Glad you all had a good time. I'm sure it would have been even more fun if Adam had invited me....Doesn't everyone want their mom to go on vacation with them???

You are such a doll. I've heard so many nice things about you...Can't wait to meet you, sweetie! Come over and I'll make you dinner sometime. I even know the Heimlich maneuver, just in case ;)

Adam's mom (Cindi)