Thursday, January 15, 2009


i'm leaving in 2 hours. i'm sitting here in my office...well, sitting probably isn't the correct word. squirming would probably be more appropriate. i'm so ready to get out of here! i've never been to chicago before, so this is going to be an exciting trip! some of my most favorite people in the world are going with me so it's sure to be amazing! add to that, a new camera that i have yet to play can you see why i can't sit still???????
i'm bringing my computer with me and hope to dump photos as we go. if i can find some wi-fi, i'll post pics during the next few days...if i can't, you'll just have to wait in suspense for us to get back! :)
not too excited about the cold...but it's chicago...that's just part of it i hear. :)

OH! i forgot the most important part!!! what are we doing, you ask?


shedd aquarium, art museum, and some fab deep dish pizza
second city and dinner someplace equally cool
and possibly church at a willow creek branch

get excited people!!!!

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Emily said...

Have fun!!! Be safe. Bundle up!