Thursday, December 23, 2010

where ya been, kid?

i hate this LOOOOOOOOONG chasm of time between posts. i hate it like i hate a new journal. i mean, i love a new journal. there's such possibility...such potential...such PRESSURE! the first blank page mocks me. it says...renee...this journal is a sacred space...fill it with your many profound and amazing thoughts. and i have them...profound amazing thoughts. i do. it's just when i'm buried under medical textbooks, those profound thoughts get squished by words like parasympathomimetics, and beta-adrenergic agonists...and rhinorrhea. rhinorrhea is the medical term for a runny nose. i'm not lying. look it up. i think that's hilarious! but i digress. more thing...i can't write in a lined journal. it's too confining. i need clean sheets of no lined paper...preferably of a heavier nature (cardstock-ish, if you will) and some type of gel ink pen. even better--a super fine sharpie. i do my study notes like this too. i know...i'm a freak of nature. i've learned to deal with this.

where was i?
blank pages, rhinorrhea, profound thoughts, new journal, chasm of time...oh yes!! now i remember...

chasm of time. i feel that when there is such a lapse in time between my posts, i really have to wow you when i come back. that leads to the pressure and the squishing of the creativity...which leads to more time because i just don't have anything to write...and then it spirals out of control and a whole month or more passes by.


so, i could bring you up to date on the specific details of my life the last few months, but really, this sums it up...i studied, i worked, i studied, i slept, i ate, i studied, i studied, i studied, i studied, i freaked out, i studied, i panicked, i studied, i took my finals, i passed. the end.

now that you're up to date...and i'm officially on christmas break from both school and work, there's room for some profound-ness. or at least some content instead of the nothingness i’ve left you with for the past month. 
i'm back!!!!
merry christmas!!!!


Rachel said...

Aaah, the pressure... the first comment!!! ;)

Glad to see you back - I figured you were doing a wee bit of studying or might have come down with that rhino something or the other...

Merriest Christmas to you and your family!

(And how do you manage to still look adorable behind a pile of medical books??? :)

Jenny said...

Merry Christmas!

Lyr said...

I do it too... I feel like time just get's shorter and shorter!! There is like no time for anything! Hope you have a wonderful new years!