Wednesday, October 13, 2010

since i've been taking two tests a week since the first of august...

i'll keep with the theme.

what is this?

a. gross picture out of one of my medical books
b. a hickey
c. a dog bite
d. a tattoo of someone's lip print
e. none of the above

if you picked e, you are correct.  this is, in fact, a picture of my arm.  and it's a bruise from an IV.  an IV i got almost 2 weeks ago.

nice right?  i've gotten a lot of comments...including the ones from the above question.  yeah hilarious, guys.  thanks. :P
i've had countless IV's in my life...i go every 8 weeks for a remicade treatment.  but i've never had one look like this.  you can actually see where the cannula went in the vein.  so weird.  and so gross.
i'm hoping it fades a lot more before the wedding i'm going to on saturday...

it won't match my little black dress!!! ;)

1 comment:

Rachel said...

It is posts like these that really reaffirm that you have the most perfect blog name :)

Sorry! Hope it heals quick!