Wednesday, September 8, 2010

AWOL for awhile...

i need to get back in the habit of daily/weekly...ok monthly posts.  i'm so bad at this game right now.  amazingly enough, my apartment has remained mostly uncluttered lately, so i guess my hiatus has been productive.

school has begun for the fall semester.  i can officially say i'm a 2nd year nursing student.  when i finish this year, i will be iv certified (if i pass the test)...which is super exciting!  and will have 1 year left in my program.  much of my time lately has been spent studying.  i spent 18 hours studying for the fluid and electrolyte test last week...1 chapter...the most difficult test of the year...and it was last night.  i pretty much had the text memorized...and i think i still scored a Q....maybe even a Z.  haven't gotten the scores back yet, so time will tell i guess.  spent a very discouraged night last night in lecture BECAUSE I DON'T FAIL TESTS!!!!!!!!!!!!! (i'm not a perfectionist at all :P), but have since realized that everyone in the class was apparently in the same boat as i was...what can i say...chemistry has always made me hate my life, but I WILL PREVAIL over electrolytes!!!!!!!

in other news, i'm super excited about the fall temps.  fall is my absolute favorite season.  cool, rainy...with GORGEOUS colors...delightful foods and drinks...and pumpkins!!!!!!  it's almost pumpkin carving season.  my annual pumpkin carving party has a tentative date scheduled.  this will be the 5th anniversary of the awesomeness!!!  holy cow!  GET EXCITED!!!!!!!!

i did 50 sit ups tonight.  i'm joining my mom and her office ladies on a challenge.  i'm not sure what the final number is supposed to be, (as you can see, i pay attention well) but i definitely need to get in shape.  i've gained several pounds since being in school.  back on college student time, i've been eating at weird hours and have just plain been making bad choices.  this has to stop!!!  and it stops here!

now i'm off to bed.  9:40!  so early!  i love it!  i can't remember the last time i've been in bed at that time!  sweet dreams!


Rachel said...

YAY! She's BACK! :)

I'm excited for you on your school - that's super great! (My sis is a nurse and my mom is going back to school for it too!)

Okay, so now you've guilted me into needing to do 50 crunches before bed. Oh, you didn't mean 50 chip crunches???

Jenny said...

Good to hear from you! I'm sure you will continue to do great and make a fabulous nurse. I absolutely LOVE FALL, TOO! The sounds of leaves crunching, hiking in the mountains, campfires, and sweater weather! Maybe I'll hop on the crunch bandwagon tonight, too. Wow! Reading your post encouraged me in several ways. Thanks! :) Have a great weekend!