Wednesday, June 9, 2010

once in awhile...

you just need a break.
once in don't feel creative.
once in can't make your thoughts coherent.
once in just don't have anything to say.

all of the above has been me for awhile. i'm not sure if it's been exhaustion, burn out, depression, or just flat out boring life syndrome...but i just haven't felt it lately. my mind reels with thoughts that i just haven't been able to articulate.

that being said...i'm still not there...maybe i'll get there by the end of this post. who knows? but i do know that i need to give a few updates so here goes.

several weeks ago, i asked for prayer for a certain test that would make or break my big thing. haha!! i was sooooo nervous. the test was my final in my dosage calculations class. i've never been a good math student. give me something to read, write or draw and i'll kill it everytime...but math?? i was TERRIFIED. i took 2 vacation days from work to study and literally worked from the moment i woke up to the late late hours of the night. i worked countless problems, i memorized hundreds...well, not hundreds...but remember, i said i'm not good at math...i memorized hundreds of formulas and seriously dreamed numbers through the night. but i was ready. i didn't realize it at the time, but i was ready. when i sat down with the 8 page test (yes, 8 flippin' pages!!!) i began work and took it one at a time. i worked through each problem forward and back, then waited on pins and needles for my instructor to grade it. i watched her red pen tick off each problem and i don't think i even took a breath.

i got a 97%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i wanted to scream, but there were still students testing so i held it in until i got out the door and then i exploded!! i've never felt so satisfied with a test in my life. i had worked and prayed so hard and my score validated that. it was amazing.
so if you read and prayed, your prayers were definitely answered. thank you. from the bottom of my heart! :)

i had a two week break from class and i think my body just shut down. i honestly can't remember anything that i did at this moment. weird.

so sorry about that. it's just mental block i guess.

i did get to travel to salem, il for a very good buddy's wedding over memorial day weekend...

jordan and i became friends in college when our singing groups traveled together. i often jokingly referred to him as "the fetus"...and well, he grew up! as fetuses tend to do. haha! he and kasey are the CUTEST couple and their love story gives me hope. :)
congratulations! your wedding was beautiful! i love you both!

i'm kitty sitting this week...

she is CRACKING me up! curious lucy, full grown, but still very much a kitten, runs and jumps around my apartment like i've never seen! it's hilarious!

anyway, now, i'm back in school...week 2 of my ob rotation. i had orientation for clinical last night and loved it. i'm hoping i'll feel the same by the end.

so...that's about it for now. it's 9:20 and i'm tired so i think i'm going to hit the bed...i can't remember the last time i've gone to bed this early...but i guess i need it.

goodnight all! more to come...sometime. :)