Thursday, June 10, 2010

do feet shrink?

notice i didn't say stink...i know feet stink...mine don't...and if they did, i would never admit it. haha. but i did ask the question: do feet shrink?
i'm just curious. i didn't think they ever did. i mean, after you're full grown, your feet stay the same size, right???

i thought so...i've never researched it...which is probably what i should be doing...but talking about it on my blog is funner.

i didn't think feet changed size...

but they must. because i used to wear a 7 1/2 ALL the time. the last few times i've bought shoes, i've bought a 6 1/2 and two 7's. it's just weird.

i can't think of any other reason other than my feet must be shrinking. or, they are just making shoes smaller than they used to.

maybe i'm just weird...

what do you think?? (about the feet question...not whether or not i'm weird...thanks) :)