Monday, December 14, 2009

who's birthday is it?!?!?!

i'm SO going to be in trouble for this post, but hey, this is my blog, and i'm the photographer, and i'll do what i want! :p

happy birthday, best friend!!!

if you've been around here for much time, you've met of my two awesome best friends...

he plays golf...

he suits up...

and he also makes cookies...but i don't have the pics yet from our holiday baking extravaganza on sunday. (i'll edit this post when i get them...mwah ha ha)

he's crazy fun...

plans trips to chicago when it's 16 below...what were we thinking, buddy?!?!?!

oh yeah...we were thinking about seeing the canal street entrance of the train station...untouchables anyone??
yeah he was just a little excited... :)

games are always more fun when adam's around...even when he's making fun of my size...or my gracefulness (or lack thereof)...or whatever else he can find to pick on.

and even though he's a hard core planner (times forty thousand!), last minute, random road trips like watching the cards play in milwaukee sometimes happen out of the blue.

what a great day!!!!

and i just couldn't leave out harper. adam's sister holly's dog is such a cuddler! he loves her!

and he's introduced me to some other great friends (hi, big joe!)

SO yeah...
happy birthday, best friend! hope you have an awesome day!!!!!!!
(i typed this last night and couldn't get it to post the real date...adam's bday is really today...tuesday the 15th. hey, i never claim to be good at technological stuff...)