Tuesday, December 8, 2009

come on in!

welcome to my apartment! i thought i'd give you a holiday tour! what do you think? alright. come inside and get warm!

let me close the door and i can take your coat! it's a tradition in the scott family to put sleigh bells on our front door for the holiday season. when i moved to my own place, i had to continue...i don't have real sleigh bells like my awesome parents, but i think these are pretty cool.

my stocking has been hung...on the entertainment center with care. sadly, my apartment doesn't have a fireplace. so that's where it goes. my mom made this stocking the first year she was married to my dad. when i was born, she gave it to me because (i quote) "it was the cutest stocking we had and you were the cutest one!" isn't that precious?!?! ;)

speaking of stockings, that brings me to santa...have you ever wondered how he delivers all the toys around the world on time? this clock! he lets me borrow it for my holiday decorating purposes and then drops by my apartment on christmas eve to pick it up. ;)

cool huh!

here is my nativity. i actually got it at a yard sale for $1.75. a few years later, we were shopping somewhere on vacation and we saw the EXACT nativity for $75.00. i think i got a great deal...what about you???

here is my tree. same one from the earlier post. yes, i knock it over every year while i'm decorating it. shhhh...please don't tell anyone i've only decorated the front. :) i don't have enough ornaments to cover the scraggly places...hey, it was free (thanks, aunt donna and uncle willie by the way). ;) i think it looks pretty fantastic like this!

one of my most favorite things is christmas decorations...ornaments especially. i NEVER pass up a christmas store or aisle. here are a few of my own favorites...

i have lots of these guys...this snoopy one is my favorite i think. there's snoopy, mickey mouse, goofy, pluto, donald duck, minnie, sally and linus, and a bunch more. again, a creation of my mom's. she painted these wooden guys the first year she was married. when i moved out, i asked if i could have them because i love them so much. she said i could, but i felt bad for taking a such a large amount of her ornaments. SO, i went shopping and found super super cute ones and gave her a full box for christmas. she cried. it was awesome. :)

aren't they so cute??? i'm so excited every year to put them on the tree.

can ya tell i'm a HUGE snoopy fan?!?

this is the newest ornament that i've added to the collection. i bought it tonight. i think it looks like a dr. suess tree.

this is another favorite decoration that i have. my parents bought me this cute little moose for christmas several years ago. and i found the "ice cubes" on another vacation.

thanks for stopping by!!! i hope you enjoyed the tour! feel free to take a candy cane off the tree when you leave. i found the cinnamon ones tonight when i was out shopping!!! they are the BEST and i can never find them!!!! merry christmas to me!!!!


merry christmas everyone!!!!!!!