Thursday, November 19, 2009

dear gardetto's snack mix makers,

thank you for making a snack mix that satisfies my need for salty goodness. although i do not purchase your product often, because let's just say, it makes my breath kickin', i do, however, have occasional cravings and therefore partake of your "tasty snack bits" as they are called on the back of the bag.

my craving this morning is what brings me to my question. i noticed in your bag of "tasty snack bits" that you have two kinds of pretzels...the twisty well as the stick kind. was there a specific reason involved in the choosing 2 kinds of pretzels, or did a lack of creativity come into play? were your creators simply tired of thinking and just threw an extra pretzel in as filler, or did they have an overexuberant love for those pieces of crispyness?

i feel that having 2 kinds of pretzels is redundant, however no one asked me. if someone at your company would like my input, i feel that the stick pretzels are sufficient. reasons being: 1. they are my favorite shape of pretzel, and 2. quite frankly, the twists in your mixture are just not as tasty. they are usually the pieces that i've left in the bottom of the bag when my craving has been satisfied.

i would also like to interject that i enjoy the pieces that are slightly burned more than the rest. if you could include more of those in the mix, that would be greatly appreciated. (if you have any contact with the cheez-it company, my feelings are the same about their product as well. the burned pieces are the best.)

thank you for your time.


an interested consumer