Tuesday, July 21, 2009

more thoughts...

"...or do you think scripture says without reason that the spirit He caused to live in us envies intensely?..." --james 4:5

over and over we read in the bible that God is a jealous God. He wants us. He wants our undivided love and attention. many times that has a negative connotation in my mind, simply because jealousy (as in my own) is wrong. but God's...God's is a jealousy, a holy righteous jealousy, in which He loves me so intensely that, in essence, there is no other. He loves ME...and even if i know it but don't feel it, i will. God wants all of me because He LOVES me. He loves me with white-hot intensity. He smiles at me. scripture doesn't say it without reason. it's true.

God, i want that. i want to think of You and see Your face and know that You are pleased with me. i want to feel Your love. i want to be enveloped in Your love.
are you pleased with me? even though i screw up all the time? i know you throw my sin as far as the east is from the west. i need to be continually reminded. show me Your amazing love. You say ask and we will receive, seek and we will find. oh God, i ask for truth in my inmost parts. open my eyes to Your love. open my eyes and let me see the look of delight on Your face. please show me why You delight in me. i need You, God. i need You.

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Jenny said...

I love your spirit! May God bless you greatly...I know you make Him proud!