Friday, June 26, 2009

writer's block help

it's been awhile since i've had to use this...maybe it will get me over this massive creative block that i've got right now...

i am: very sleepy. 
i think: way to much about way too much :)
i know: that red and blue make purple 
i want: to sleep late in the morning
i have: everything i need because God supplies it.  i just forget a lot.
i wish: that i wasn't such a ding dang mess
i hate: it when popcorn kernels get stuck in my teeth
i miss: my best friend 
i fear: a sometimes when i see them i want to pass out.  
i feel: jumbled up about life
i hear: grace or zoe...not sure which...snoring.  :)  (dog sitting this weekend!  they are PRECIOUS!!)
i crave: watermelon YUM!
i search: for answers i can't understand
i wonder: if i'll make it through this semester's class with a good grade
i regret: opening my big mouth sometimes
i love: rainy days 
i ache: for something... 
i care: about world peace :)
i always: turn the lights off when i leave a room
i am not: truly a blonde...i just have moments... 
i believe: that i should give it up for the night and get some much needed rest
i sing: in the shower my car always...
i don’t always: say the right things 
i fight: my emotions!!!!!
i lose: patience with stupidity
i never: drink coffee...i only like to smell it 
i can usually be found: if you look hard enough
i need: answers!!! geez!!!
i am happy about: the fact that it is the weekend.  :)

guess that about sums it up for tonight.  time to sleep!


Lyryn said...

Some times this is all you need to get started! :)

brian said...

Great tool for writing through a block. Vodka used to work too, but I don't do that anymore :)