Thursday, June 11, 2009

shakespeare in the park

went to forest park tonight for the shakespeare festival and a picnic with some good buddies. i love forest park. there's so much to in point...the festival. free outdoor play, hanging out with friends and amazing food. what more could you ask for?
the play this summer is the merry wives of windsor. it runs from may 20-june 14 every night at 8 except tuesdays (just in case you're interested in going). the stage is over by art hill.
definitely...interesting...but funny. i couldn't take photos during the performance, but here's a few of the before party. :)

umm...yeah. we definitely brought a feast!!! cheeses, deli meat, crackers, dip, hummus, nuts, grapes, strawberries, carrots, celery, iced animal crackers, nilla wafers, some sort of amazing fruit pizza for dessert...i ate waaaaay too much!!!!! but it was oh so delicious!!!

again...the feast

our friend holley and me

my best friend erin and her husband, shaun...the honorary best friend :)

dana (whom i just met tonight...she cracks me up!!) and my friend ryanne...ryanne is erin's sister and she's pretty stinkin' awesome. :)

ryanne's friends elizabeth and michael. they were super fun! and doesn't elizabeth have super cute dimples???? love them!!

so yeah...sorry about the no pics of the performance...but i had to abide by the rules...artist code you know. :) it was a really fun night and nice break in the week.

i'm going to go jump in the shower and head to louis humidity is the pits and i am gross and tired.

good night!!


Queen Mommy said...

Sounds like fun! Many years ago, I saw "Casablanca" at the park. The experience was a lot of fun. And, I hear ya on the humidity! Two years ago, in the height of summer, we went without AC for about a week. Upstairs (where the bedrooms are) it was over 100ยบ every night. Ugh....

Acting Out World Change said...

I forgot about Shakespeare in the park... hm... something to do...