Wednesday, June 3, 2009

happy birthday mom!!!!

this is my mom...well, and my dad too.  :)  tomorrow is her birthday...and i wanted to get this posted after i thought she was in bed so she wouldn't see it until morning.  (i'm so sneaky)  since many of you are new to my life and my blog, you haven't been introduced to the coolest woman on the planet...ahem...besides me of course...haha ;)  kidding.

well, this is her.  on our trip to alabama earlier in march. 

my mom and i are super close.  she is one of my best friends.  always there for comfort, always there for a laugh...and always there to lose to her "scumbucket" (which i am regularly, but affectionately, called) of a daughter when playing old school dr. mario on nintendo!!!!  
mwa haha!!!!

i am so blessed that she is in my life.  she has taught me so much.  she's one of the most godly women that i know.  

i am so proud of her accomplishments.  this is from her graduation last year.  she works so hard at school.  she's so dedicated to getting those A's.  she's such an example to me in my studies.

she's a super talented photographer (that's where i get my artistic-ness from)...most of the time she's behind the camera...i really had to search to find these...tee've been spotted, mom!!!

so happy birthday, mom!!!   i love you so much!  see you tomorrow night!!!!!!!!


Casey said...

How sweet! Your mom's a lucky lady to have a daughter like you. said...

Sweet post. You mother sounds like a wonderful person.

Happy Belated Birthday to your awesome Mom!