Wednesday, May 27, 2009

weekend in chi-town

after getting the green light from dr. well as strict instructions to take it weekend with friends, fun and food began.  :)  

adam, jaime, cindy and i left after everyone got off work friday night and we had an uneventful...but hilarious...ride up to joe's condo in naperville.  our plans for the weekend included shopping on michigan ave, eating, navy pier, eating, a white sox game and eating, and a memorial day bbq where, of course, there was a lot of eating.

here is a quick rundown.  well, maybe not so quick...with 2 photographers and the crazy people we had along...the cameras didn't stop snapping.  hehe.  of course, it's impossible to include everything, but you'll get the general idea :) 

we rode the train downtown after dunkin' donuts at the condo and a quick trip to starbucks.  

we walked forever and shopped around, then had lunch at chicago place on the 8th floor and then i got this sweet shot...

after lunch we headed to navy pier, where i had been dying for another shot...during our trip in january, i had spotted the lighthouse at the end of the pier and was determined this trip to snag this one...

it's not quite there...editing-wise (an artist's work is never done) but i love the basic idea.

more from the pier...

eating ice cream...i think this was just the beginning, wasn't it jaime?!? :)

me, jaime, joe, adam, and cindy

i love this chick!!

we decided to eat dinner that night at buca di beppo's and realized we needed to run to the train to meet it on time.  adam and joe were awesome and grabbed a cab for us girls and then they sprinted the last mile and half to the station.   we made it with about 30 seconds to spare!  so funny!

cindy and me in the cab...

the next day was the white sox was a loss, 

but the food made up for it... with hotdogs smothered in onions...
and funnel cakes, dippin dots, nachos, corn on the cob...nom, nom, nom!

great shot of the photographers.  :)

good buddies!!!

we had great seats!!

you'd think that we wouldn't have room for any more food, but somehow we did...dinner that night was deep dish pizza at lou malnati's...a favorite of ours!

jaime thought the menu was st. louis, "pop" is "soda"...many arguments ensued on which was correct.  :)

mmm...pepperoni mushroom!!!

as you can tell, i liked it lots...i'm such a dork!!!

the next morning was joe's famous again!  yum!!

a little relaxation, and some more shopping...then bbq with joe's parents...who by the way, are AWESOME!!!!!!  we loved hanging out with mr. and mrs. a!  thank you soo much for cooking for us!!!  :) we had burgers, brats, potato salad, watermelon, corn on the cob and tons more!  and the piece de resistance...grilled pineapple, gelato and cookies for dessert...
again, with the mouth...oh renee...*shaking head*

this guy takes good care of me.  ;) 

i think this is my favorite shot of the weekend

we had such a great time!  i have incredible friends!  it was a perfect way to relax after such a crazy week!  

hope you enjoyed!!  i sure did!!!


Jaime said...

Ahhhhhh, great post! Might I add, those are some fantastic pics! :-)

This might just inspire me to blog as well. We will see...

Queen Mommy said...

LOVED your "sweet shot." Looks like you all had a great time, and I'm sure you needed it! And, I must say that grilled pineapple and gelato looks A.MA.ZING. said...

Wow, your pictures brightened my day. What a wonderful time. You deserved every minute of it.

Thank you so much for your kind words and support. I cherish them.


Katie said...

That looks like so much fun! I miss Chi-town! And that brown shirt in the last picture is really cute!