Sunday, March 1, 2009

streaming thoughts from the weekend...

definitely...maybe... good...tylenol with codiene...God's gift to renee
chemistry...the bain of my existence...bain is the word i need to use here, right???  well, anyways, the word i want to use means hate it with the passion of the fire of a thousand suns. no lie.
still feeling a little rotten
dinner with friends=awesomer
ice cream after with a good chat=even awesomer than dinner but COLD!  (no kidding, right?)
asleep again with a little help from the T3.  gotta love narcotics! (no i'm not addicted...yet)
lazy sunday morning
listened to birds outside :)
put the spring wreath on my front door (i'm such a domestic...)
again, with the chemistry and the hate.  all day long.
blog posting
bed.  no T3 tonight.  have to work tomorrow.  
good night!

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