Tuesday, February 24, 2009

i have the sniffles and the sneezles...

booooo.  this makes for a not fun week.  yesterday after work, i visited the wall that is green (walgreens) and picked up some very helpful merchandise...cough syrup, cough drops (really tasty peach ones with a natural wildflower honey center :) ), and vicks plugins.  these things are the bomb diggity.  (how long has it been since ANYONE has said that?)  anyways, those vick's plugins are like the little glade air fresheners only they smell like (imagine) vick's!  amazing!!!  plug in that little sucker, close the bedroom door and sleep sweetly as the vapors waft over me...opening those pesky clogged nasal passages.  (i'm a big dork, i know)

ok enough about my mucus and nastiness.  

i haven't updated in awhile so i thought i'd jot down some things to satiate the appetites of those faithful few who read my blog.  :)

--cat dissection--week one and two have been conquered.  4 to go.  it's actually not as bad as i thought it would be...once you take off the fur and skin, it's just tissue on a tray...yes i said TAKE OFF THE FUR AND SKIN.  really?  yep.  i wanted to post some pics but decided that it might run off even my most dedicated readers.  SO, if you have a strong stomach, and are curious, go here .  these aren't my pics, and yes, they do have a cat running across the home page...sick i know.  but the photos are live and in color of what i do on monday mornings now... at 8am.  yes folks, it's not bad enough that i have to dissect a cat (i still think in my head, here kitty kitty everytime i open the bag) but i have to dissect it at that ungodly time of the morning.  geez!!!!

--now those of you who might be new to my blog are probably wondering why in the name of all that's good and holy would a person subject herself to such disgustingness??  well, i'm trying to get into nursing school (i know, right??  even crazier!  why are you reading this blog again?  cause i'm precious and cute that's why...hehe.).  i have 8 weeks left of anatomy and physiology and chemistry and then one more microbiology class to take and i'll have all the prerequisites out of the way.  which brings me to the next set of news...i find out if i was accepted into jeffco's nursing program the 3rd week of march.  i'm trying not to be nervous or anxious, but who am i kidding???  so we'll see about that in a few weeks.

--before that decision is made, i get to travel to dauphin island, AL for spring break.  yes, working for a university does have a few perks; this is one.  i get breaks when students do.  my parents and i leave in 10 days and head to fun, sun and relaxation.  i also get to play with my new toy...a telephoto lens that i got for my birthday.  can we say exciting???  we're hoping to score a beach house with wifi so i'll be posting as much as i can in the evenings to keep you updated.  :)

--in other news, i have some favorites to share with you all...lately i've had the urge to branch out and try some new things, go new directions, do things differently.  here are a just a few that i have come up with...
  • pad see u with tofu and erin at manee thai in ballwin are 2 of the best things ever.  
  • i am also a big fan of qdoba's chips and queso dip.  you should try it sometime.  mmm...
  • erin mccarly-new music find.  this chick is really great!  you should check her out!
i'd like to make this a regular occurance in my life and in this blog.  i'll keep you updated! 

i guess that's it for now.  i have more to say, but it needs to be saved for a later, more serious post.  possibly i'll save it for the balcony of the beach house...we'll see what happens.  

i'm going to take my box of kleenex, drug myself up, plug in my little vick's deal and get some sleep.  :)

--nighty night!!

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Brunson said...

I love pad see ew! I could eat it anytime, except possible while dissecting a cat.