Tuesday, March 10, 2009

day 2 on day 3

yesterday, it was problematic in getting a signal inside the beach house.  we have roamed each room and have found that if we open the blinds in the dining room and put the computer on the very edge of the table, we can get a signal.  a faint one, but a signal nonetheless.  so while i've got it, i think i'll give you an update of yesterday's adventures.  i'm not sure if i'll post todays, but we'll see what it looks like when i'm done with this one.  

ok.  we left the ramada in hattiesburg (by the way, very disappointing hotel...dirty, old.  no good) and drove south toward mobile.  our check in time at the house was 3pm so we had some time to kill.  dad has wanted to see the uss alabama for a long time, so we stopped there.  

here's the tunnel that goes under mobile bay.  i love tunnels!!!  but they creep me out if there's stop and go traffic...

ah, what a battleship!!!  it's ginormous!!!

this is a shot i took of the stern of the ship and a plane that sits in the yard outside.

i thought this was really cool.  it's a gun sight for the guns on deck

this is me sitting on something that i don't know what it is, but i sat here for awhile and looked out over the water.  

uss alabama bow side

this was my most favorite thing we saw.  that middle plane is actually one of the flying tigers.  i just got a chill when i saw it.  they fascinate me.  
oh say can you see...by the dawn's early light...well, it wasn't dawn, but it fits here.  this was the flag on top of the uss drum...a submarine docked near the alabama.  it's crazy claustrophobic down in there!!!  i hit my head on the top of one of the door openings...yes, i know.  i'm so graceful!!!

after we ate lunch in the little shop there, we got back in the car and drove again...for a long time...
here's a shot of the highway coming down off the bridge heading to the island.

and right across the street from the real estate place, we saw this sign.  so funny!!!  we still don't know what the goat trees are...but i'm determined to find out tomorrow.  

as soon as we pulled up, a fog rolled in and we could hardly see the houses next door.  we definitely couldn't see across the street to the ocean.  i was worried for a bit that's all we would see this week...

but never fear!!!!!!

the fog lifted and we had a beautiful sunset!  get ready for these next shots.  they might blow you away...if i do say so myself... :)

more sunset...


me doing what i do...

a wave got me...hehe

there were pieces of jellies all over the sand last night.  when i was younger i accidentally stepped on one of these deals and got stung...and it was just a piece!  so needless to say, we kept our eyes open for these...

more sunset...love it!!!

and last, but not least...dauphin island beaches are shell beaches!!!!!!!!!!!  sooooo fun!!!!  this was our treasure from last night.  we picked up tons more today!  

so that was our day.  hope you enjoyed it as much as we did :)

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