Sunday, March 8, 2009

and then we drove...and we drove...and we drove...

so drove, and then dad drove, and then i drove, then dad again, then we ate, then dad drove again...did i mention that we were in a car?  for all stinkin day???  except for when we were eating.  now, we're in a ramada in hattiesburg.  just a few hours from our destination.  it was an eventful day.  there are a lot of weird names of things here in the creek.  funny.  

most of the time was spent reading and watching movies on the portable dvd player, but mom got a little rowdy.  when she gets rowdy, things like this happen and the innocent become vandalized.

yes, she wrote on me.  i was innocently keeping my feet on the console and she picked up her pen and started drawing.  we can't take her anywhere ;)

interesting thing of the day for my friends who are coffee should live here.  :)

and that's all for today.  sorry.  not much action.  just highway...miles of it!

good night!


Ryan and Lori said...

I have taken many a road trip with you, Miss Renee, and I would NOT want to ride with you to Alabama! J/K! I know what you mean, its a LONG way down there. My in-laws live in Montgomery, AL and its about a 12 hr drive for us. Hey, next time you go, I'll throw my 2 year old in the car with you, that makes the LONG road trip even better! :) Have fun on Spring break and tell you parents I said HI.

Erin said...

hope you are having fun. we miss you bunches!

Erin...again said...

hehe...i can comment now!!!!

renee said...

i love it erin!!!! comment to your heart's content!!