Friday, January 9, 2009

new years' fondue party

so this year for new years, i decided i wanted to do something different.  so, erin and i got our heads together and we planned a fondue party.  3 courses...cheese, broth, and...of course chocolate (white and dark).  we served bread, veggies and tortilla chips with cheese for the first course.  the second course was chicken, zuchinni and yellowneck squash with the broth.  and for the last course angel food cake, strawberries, bananas, pretzels with the chocolate.  can we say yum??  and also can we say what a LOT of stuff to chop?!?!?!?!  fondue is a ton of work!!! a TON of work!!!!  here are a few highlights of the night.  i wanted to get photos of everything, but it tasted so good i forgot about my camera!  haha!

here are the lovely chefs...

adam and karen enjoying some chicken...

our hosts...thanks siegels!!!!

the boys...they were getting pretty stuffed at this point.  hold on!!!  we still have dessert!!!

afterwards some of the group played wii, while others played cards.  i saw this shot and couldn't resist.  doesn't it remind you of this??

ok...maybe it's a stretch...maybe not.  :)

anyway, what a great way to ring in the new year!  happy 2009!

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