Monday, January 26, 2009

i've been tagged...

and since i'm feeling a little writer's block, i've decided to respond. i'm sure you've all seen this one going around. the one where you're supposed to write 25 things/facts/habits/goals about yourself. i'm not going to tag anyone...because let's be real...i'm usually the last one to jump on the bandwagon. :)

ok here goes.

1. i drink over 2 liters of water every night after work...that's after drinking 3 nalgene bottles worth during the day
2. i would love to learn to play the fiddle
3. i actually own a fiddle
4. i never eat blue candy
5. i have a green thumb...actually i have the perfect south facing dining room that plants love, but i can pretend. (i can grow african violets like no other)
6. people who whistle a lot annoy me.
7. i have a freakishly amazing memory...i've described the bedroom in the house that my family moved out of when i was 4 months old. ask my mom. it's crazy.
8. cheese is my favorite food
9. i don't like chocolate very much
10. i want to be a sharpshooter some day
11. i can sing...people say really well...but somehow no one ever knows that about me
12. my favorite movie is sense and sensibility...that hurts me to reveal that
13. i like to color
14. i have a coloring book and crayons under my couch that i pull out and use sometimes
15. red is my favorite color, but i hate red crayons...they always seem to look pink
16. i can't wait until i work in a hospital so i can wear scrubs every day. :) hehe
17. i try to hide the fact that i'm very self conscious
18. i want to learn more about photoshop and graphic design
19. i am a HUGE fan of gilmore girls
20. i'm always SUPER QUIET when you first meet me
21. i eat lemons like oranges...and yes, i know it's bad for your teeth...i don't do it very often
22. fresh flowers could very well win my heart
23. i'm not very patient
24. my favorite summer activity is going to a farmer's market...kirkwood fm opens april 4 :)...get excited!!!!!!!

and last but not least

25. i'm wishing for a snow day tomorrow!!!!!

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Chris Huff said...

I wish they would make a Girlmore Girls movie. The series ended so abruptly. They were planning on making another season, but the network didn't renew it. There was talk of a movie the following year, but I haven't been able to find anything that substantiates the rumors.