Monday, October 20, 2008

the scores have been tallied...

most of you have heard by now that i totally demolished my test earlier today...

here is where i placed percentage-wise...

verbal 89th percentile

arithmetic 58th percentile (i never said i was good at math)

nonverbal 53rd percentile (yeah...i don't know)

academic aptitude 73rd percentile (this is the one that counted. i had to score above a 65)

spelling 99th percentile (yes, i was runner up in the athena elementary spelling bee in 6th grade thank you very much!!)

information in the natural sciences 88th percentile (and i was worried!)

judgement and comprehension in practical nursing situations 85th percentile

vocational adjustment index 99th percentile

needless to say, i'm very pleased with these scores...and now i will commence to collapse in my bed and sleep like...well, like the no longer stressed person that i am.  

1 comment:

Cara said...

congrats fufe!!! I knew you could do it! so*proud :)