Wednesday, October 22, 2008

ever had one of THOSE days??

you know, the days when everything that could possibly go wrong could? days when you wish you could just go back to bed and start over? days when your hair looks stupid, and your clothes don't fit right and you just feel like a ginormous, fat cow?

i have too. but today isn't one of them. hehe. i just needed an intro for this post. it's actually been a pretty good day. the weather is perfect, i'm getting tons done here in my office, i'm wearing a comfy, comfy sweater with khaki's and the best red tennis shoes. :) my hair looks pretty good and i'm actually comfortable with my size today. :)

today was also a huge meeting day here in our office. i love those days. all the supervisors and deans are out of the office, and they eat great which, the rest of the staff gets the leftovers! can we say score? i just finished a piece of lemon layer cake that i think was actually straight from the hands of Jesus. yum!

so anyway, i just had a few minutes left after lunch and thought i'd write a quick post.

recent happenings:

shot 2 sets of engagement photos in the last 3 weeks. (posting soon)
passed my nursing entrance exams (info for the newbies to my site)

events to come:

3rd annual pumpkin carving party on friday. i'm super pumped to be able to do this again this year!! 15-20 people in my little apartment eating junk food, carving amazing pumpkins, and watching "it's the great pumpkin, charlie brown!" sure to be an amazing event!!

wideopen on november 14!!! AWESOME!!!! check out the website!!!!!

ok. that's about it for me. hope you're not having one of THOSE days! hehe.

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