Thursday, August 14, 2008

today i:

--ate too much junk food.  we gave kari a going away party today, and of course, at any function worth mentioning at mobap, we have cake.  much cake.  a huge sheet cake with huge blobs of icing pretending to look like roses plastered all over the top.  what was i to do?  we were saying goodbye!  i ate a huge piece.  THEN, our boss took kari and me to the cheesecake factory for lunch.  did i order something healthy like a salad or a sandwich?  nope.  we were saying goodbye.  i ordered a plate of pasta...thinking that was all i would have.  well, you can't go to cheesecake factory and not order's unheard of!  so i ordered a slice of vanilla bean something cheesecake.  i was good and only ate part of it, but tonight...i feel like blech.  i took a long walk, ran up and down my front steps a few times and then cleaned out my car.  hopefully that will do something toward shedding the poundage that i mercilessly added to my body today.

--found out i have to dissect a cat in my anatomy lab.  really?  a cat?  yes, a cat.  now, i've had biology classes several times in my life.  i've dissected a frog, an earthworm (did you know they have 5 pairs of hearts??), a grasshopper (which, was really just a bunch of  squishiness inside), a clam, and a pig fetus.  but a cat...kind of makes my heart hurt.  i guess i'll just have to just separate myself as much as possible.  try not to think that the animal i'm cutting open might have been somebody's, kitty, kitty, kitty.

--went to the orthodontist for the last checkup today.  i get my braces off sept. 2!!!!!  the countdown has begun.  19 days!!!!!!!

--had to deal with one too many procrastinating students.  around 3:30 i seriously almost banged the phone on my desk...while the person was still talking to me...or should i say yelling at me.  i love this time of year.  (shaking head)

speaking of this time of the year, i start class on tuesday.  i was thinking today that i'm going to have to study and do homework.  and actually be a student.  at least with anatomy and physiology, i won't have to write any papers!  let me tell you what.  if you don't like to write papers, don't be a psychology student or a religion major.  i've been through both.  ewww.  so i'm looking forward to just memorization and tests.  totally different than what i'm used to.  kind of exciting, yet, i'm also thinking..."WHAT IN THE WORLD ARE YOU DOING??"  :)  i mean, being a big kid, i don't even get the regular back to school the new clothes, supplies and book bag.  if i want those things, i have to supply them myself...really puts things in a different perspective.  haha.  i guess the good thing about being a student is the discount you get at the movie theater.  bring on the classes, baby!!!

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Chris Huff said...

Lol. You're funny.

One day we'll be done with school. What a glorious day that will be.