Tuesday, August 19, 2008

so today was my first day of class.  oh, i'm so going to love it!!!  i just can't wait to get into the book, the class, the lab...speaking of which...my friend grace brought me a present today...SCHOOL SUPPLIES!!!!  there were pens, a folder, colored pencils, fun little erasers in the shapes of bugs, a box for the pens and pencils...and my personal favorite...in honor of the cat dissection...this notebook:

the funniest thing EVER!!!  i can't stop laughing when i look at it.  thanks grace!!  you're awesome!!


Jennifer said...

Wow!! That is hilarious and so sad. :) I hope you love your class!

Katie said...

You're going to make me wake the boys up laughing so hard! Glad you are enjoying it!

Jaime said...


Poor kitties.