Wednesday, July 9, 2008

and now it's time for a bit from the soundtrack to renee's life...playing today on the ipod is...

the emptiest day
by caedmon's call

they say You live in hospitals and trenches
and towers in the sky
and i'm not dying or fighting any wars
except on the inside

the only thing i need is a void that You can fill
and i jump ship and run even further in your will

and i am looking for a well that won't run dry
the rest that weary thoughts cannot deny
when You wrap Your arms around me
i can walk away or face the emptiest day

the words i find impossible to mention
are written on a star
they say that i can find You in a flower
but i need You in the car

the optimism of my youth is dead and gone
but i'll save these speculations for another time and song

and life is only perceived through chemicals and emotion
but love, love is the island that overgrows the ocean

i'm trying to put my thoughts to words.  there might be more explanation later, maybe not.  but for now...ponder...
let me know your thoughts...

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