Tuesday, May 13, 2008

i am ashamed. ashamed to say that i was hooked. hooked on a tv show. and not only a tv show, but a reality show. i was hooked on the bachelor this season. i didn't plan it. i just fell into it. during a session of channel surfing, i landed on channel 30 at 9pm one monday night...and kept watching.
matt, a hot british chap, was looking for an american wife. why did i care who he married? i didn't know him. but suddenly, it was very important that i watched every moment. every sick, fake, and shallow moment of the date/makeout session. i was amazed that there were actually people who would do this. that these girls thought it was ok to go out with someone who said to each of the girls he was "falling in love with them", and then proceeded to spend the night with them...quickly moving on to the next one.
seriously. seriously?
"i'm just afraid to open myself up to him because i might get hurt." no kidding sister.
it was like watching a car accident. i wanted to look away, but i just couldn't.
last night was the finale. chelsea, shayne and matt travelled to london to "meet the parents". in a private conversation, matt's mother asked him who he could see himself with. matt's answer was that he was most at ease with shayne, but most passionate about chelsea. oh that's nice. that's going to make shayne feel great when she watches the show later.
car accident...i'm serious.
good luck matt and shayne. you're going to need it.


Katie said...

I cannot believe you have converted from xanga. At least that explains the lack of posts. I am flattered to have made your link list though, so I guess it's all right!

Tosk said...

that guy makes life difficult for the rest of us who actually are good guys. :(

Jennifer said...

hey... I'm not on your link list and you even asked me for it the other day. ;)

I'm adding you.