Wednesday, January 19, 2011

image of the day 19:365

ok, so...if you know me well, the fact that i am IN LOVE with this photo is going to totally blow your mind.
photo courtesy of white loft studio
 i am so far away from being a crystal chandelier, pink ribbon, heart-y kind of girl...but for some reason, this is just...mmm...perfection.
so much i love about this photo.  shallow depth of field...gets me every time!  the hearts cut out of book pages...i can't even tell you how much i love this.  and while normally, i'm all out for vibrant, bold, saturated hues, the subtle tinges of color bring out the romantic that usually hides out behind my tough supergirl-ness.
i think i might let her come out more often...i kind of like her.  :)


Rachel said...

Ahh, every now and then, the ballerina princess girl has to come out :)

I was going to congratulate you on taking such a wonderful picture, hee hee!

Queen Mommy said...

It's a beautiful photo! I think being a mom to 3 super girly girls is rubbing off on me. I find I actually like pink these days! :~)