Wednesday, September 15, 2010

for my nursing buddies...

so i think we've all psyched ourselves out.  some of you are're working harder than you ever have in your life and it's not seeming to pay off.  you're wondering if you're going to make it.  you're wondering if you've made right choices.  you aren't sleeping.  well, boys...this is where it ends.

push play please.

now.  play it again...while reading these words

the miracle speech renee version:

great moments are born from great opportunity.
and that's what you have here tomorrow night, boys.
that's what you've EARNED here, tomorrow night.

one test.

if we test ten times, we might fail nine.
but not this test. not tomorrow night.
tomorrow night, we test.
tomorrow night, we stay with it, and we shut it down because we CAN!
tomorrow night, we are the greatest nursing students in the world.

you were born to be nurses -- every one of ya.
and you are meant to be there tomorrow night.

this is your time.
failing time -- is done. it's over.

"i'm sick of tired" (did any of you catch that in the video??  i'm sick of tired.  haha) hearin' about what hard tests these are.


this is your time!!

now go out there and take it!

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Jessica T. said...

Nice Renee! That's totally awesome!