Wednesday, August 4, 2010

gotta cut loose!!

if you've been around for awhile you know that this is my dad...
 he's usually pretty quiet and super easy going.  in and i usually describe him as a few inches from a coma.  he's not always this way though...once in awhile he comes out of his shell and dances to some kind of fun music in the kitchen or the living room...never in public though...until a few weeks ago.  
a few weeks ago, my cousin, katie, got married.  her reception was the most fun i've had in i can't remember how long.  this is katie and her husband robbie
 it's hard to tell here, but she was just a little excited.  ;)

back to my of our favorite songs to dance in the kitchen to is footloose.  remember the movie with kevin bacon??  and the part where he's teaching his friend to dance?

he can imitate the whole thing.  it's hysterical.  so...when footloose comes on, it's time to dance.  and i had to do some coaxing...but i succeeded!!

we were an instant hit!!

sometimes you just gotta cut loose!!!!
thanks for dancing with me!!!  love you, dad!!!!


Rachel said...

Oh my gosh - that is just heartwarming!

Made me giggle and grin.

Those are gonna be lifelong memories - so glad you have it on film!

Jenny said...

What a great memory the two of you made! That's awesome! Love it!

khanley said...

Aw, love your dad...and your mom. The crazy things your mom would do and then your dad...yes, he'd surprise you. :)