Saturday, June 19, 2010

in keeping with the theme...

i've been changing some things up in my apartment the last few months...sometimes you just need to do that.  :) 

i updated my bathroom from navy blue to green...sorry i don't have before pics.  just picture a blue shower curtain and blue rug...boring.  i think the green is so light and fresh.  it also makes my tiny bathroom seem so much bigger!

i tried several different frames with this photo...but this one looked the best.  it's nice to be a photographer and have a limitless supply of wall art.  ;)

i found the green vase at an antique mall when we went to hot springs, AR for spring break. had a crate & barrel sticker on the bottom.  but it was $6 so i'm definitely not complaining! 
i pulled the r and s from my bedroom.  i had paris spelled out on my dresser.  way to be resourceful, renee!  ;)

before, i had old license plates in a row down this wall.  i really liked them, but they didn't match the new colors.  i've had these mirrors for a long time in my living room.  i bought them at gordmans.  they're super fun and i think they look like bubbles.  i think this is my favorite part of the bathroom.

it's so nice to change things up!  i've got several other projects in mind...curtains, and new prints on the wall for the living room...and my sunroom/library/office has never been finished.  not sure what i want in there.  maybe i'll post pics and get your opinion.

hope you enjoyed the tour!  :)  more to come.

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