Wednesday, May 12, 2010

serious business...

alright you blogger buddies...if you follow me on facebook, you know that i've been just a little stressy this week (understatement of the year).
i had my fundamentals final on tuesday and i have my dosage calculation final tomorrow. i did better than i thought in fundamentals and have ended with an 88% in the class. not an A, but it's passing and that's all i can ask for at this point.
my dosage calculation final is super serious. my grade on this test determines continuation in the program. in other words, if i don't pass with a 78% i will be kicked out. yipes!!!!!
i've studied my bootie off (even took a vacation day today to study) and i took a "pretest" tonight. ended up with an i think i'll be ok, but for all you prayer warriors out there, i could use some big ones!!!!!!
the test is comprehensive...and we can't use calculators. all math. all gross.
so, if you think about it pray for clarity, recall, and no stupid mistakes for me at 5:00pm.
thanks guys! now i'm off to bed. i've done so many math problems today, i'll be dreaming numbers...but hopefully it's all worth it!!!