Thursday, April 29, 2010

a little behind...

remember a few weeks ago when i said i had easter egg pics?? yeah, i'm just now getting around to posting. i'm home sick today, so i had some extra time to post. i might as well be a bit productive while i lay on the couch. :/

so...without further ado...

last year we did 2 dozen eggs. the fun didn't last long enough, so mom and i bought 3 this year. we're crazy aren't we?!? mom also picked up a few fun decorating kits from last year's easter closeout sales. we had tie die, glitter and foil to play with.

all set up and ready to go...

just waiting for the color to be dark enough...

look at what i did, mom! ;)

me in all my non showered glory. yikes.

notice my partially polished thumbnail. i had tried some new colors at the store the day before and didn't take it off. nice.

ah, a better shot of the thumbnail...but having trouble with the decorating kits, we went back to our own creativeness. isn't this awesome?!?! i love it!

what a mess!

finished product

super fun!!

what do you think?