Sunday, April 11, 2010


day 3 and 4 successfully completed. i've gotten over my aversion to nursing homes...for the most part. it's still very depressing, and i know it's not where i want to end up working...but i'm becoming more confident in my caring for the patients. i was assigned a patient with a stage 2 decubitus ulcer (bedsore). the wound gets packed and redressed every day. yesterday, my instructor watched. she asked at first if i wanted to see her do it and then i would do it the next day, but i jumped in and told her i could take care of it. she let me do it on my own today because she said i did such a great job yesterday!!!! very exciting!
i'm definitely sore tonight...this desk job girl isn't used to transferring patients that weigh the same as me from bed to wheelchair back to bed all day. :) feels good!
so yeah. one more weekend and i'm finished with this rotation. then on to OB.

bring it on kids!