Tuesday, February 23, 2010

pardon me, my blonde roots are showing...

i don't know where my brain is today. i must have left it somewhere or turned it off during the night, cause it sure isn't in use today.

ever have one of those days? i hope i'm not the only one. i'd feel pretty stupid.

this morning on my way out the door, i had several things to carry. i put my key ring in my mouth so i could open the front door and when i stepped outside and closed the door, i had a frantic thought "what did i do with my keys?!?!" umm...dummy...they are in your MOUTH!

amazing that i survived the drive to work...or even managed to get my shoes on the right feet! ;)

at work, i use post-its on EVERYTHING. i have every size and they are my lifeline. once in awhile, they tend to walk away...certainly, we don't have post-it stealers in my office. NEVER! anyway, when they "walk away" it really gets on my nerves. i mean, seriously...quit taking my stuff!!! :) so when i noticed a few minutes ago that my precious little stack of post-its wasn't where i left it yesterday, i immediately blamed the post-it stealers. i searched my desk drawers, underneath my keyboard, my cubemate's desk...just to be sure. nowhere to be found. so i went over to julie's desk (she keeps the office supplies) and begged for a new pad. my wish was granted and as i turned to walk away, i noticed a small orange stack of post-its on her desk...right where I had left them yesterday while looking for a phone number. sigh.

here's hoping i remember the way home tonight! *rolling my eyes*