Sunday, December 27, 2009

she ate WHAT?!?!

christmas...season of giving, receiving and eating lots of yummy sugary snacks. i absolutely love it. and christmas eve dinner in the scott house is chicken cordon favorite!!!!
but this year, i had a little before dinner appetizer...that wasn't so appetizing...

if you don't know me IRL (in real life) you need a bit of important inside info for this story...i drink constantly (not alcohol). i am never without a glass of water or gatorade or some other liquid substance. sometimes i think i was a camel in another life. ;)

back to the story...i fixed a big glass of gatorade, stuck in a straw and walked away. i walked away to help my parents with something in the garage. i was helping. i was doing good in the world...well...doing good in the scott household anyway. i stepped away for only an hour.

upon my return, i picked up the glass and headed toward the bathroom to get a shower. feeling thirsty, i took a big swig and felt something in my mouth. thinking it was a piece of ice, i crunched. something wasn't right. my mouth immediately filled with the nastiest taste one can imagine and i immediately spit into the sink. when i looked down, i saw a smashed ladybug.

that's right. a smashed ladybug.

completely grossed out, i tried to breathe...i tried to look dice.


i threw up.

and kept throwing up.

and then i threw up some more.

hearing me from the kitchen my mom came running. "are you sick?!?!" all i could do was hold up one finger and shake my head...all the while still hunched over...retching into the toilet.
"what did you do?!?!?!?!"

finished, i could barely get the words out.

"a ladybug crawled up into my straw and i didn't know, and i crunched it. merry christmas to me."

i'm all for trying new foods. it's one of the joys in my life...but a ladybug...that just crosses a line.

i'm still a little grossed out.

merry christmas everyone! hope your appetizers were better than mine!!!!!